How do I care for my pieces?

Treat all gemstones and findings with love.  Try your best not to expose to any water sources, when wearing.  Keep covered in a bag from dust

Can I remake a design?

One-of-a-kind pieces can NOT be remade due to its natural shape, size, and color.  However, I can come close to the original design to create your very OWN, one-of-a-kind

How often do I create Limited editions?

Twice a year, a newsletter will be sent out. Please sign-up so you will not miss out

Where do I find the beautiful natural gemstones?

I travel and attend bead expos though out our globe.  I hand select every single one, ensuring I am delivering nothing but the best for YOU

I am having an event, and need personalized items for my swag bags?

Contact info@shirleys-designs.com with name, date of the event, and specifications of request with qty.

Do I offer Wholesale?

Yes, I do, contact info@shirleys-designs.com with the name of the business, and business I.D. number and specifications request with qty.